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Mom of 2,On disability,In some servere pain

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 in response to milesrf...   thank you so much for the info i'm very grateful......
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 in response to elisa28...   Hi elisa28 and welcome here...Donated Dental Services are great.
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hi abahanin   i am new here, have you tried "DONATED DENTAL SERVICES" if not then google it and apply it is for disable people who can not afford dental care. Best luck!!!

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Here's a catalog of, among other things, free dental care sites; hope there's one close enough you can reach it.

Not likely to offer help with transportation or watching your kids, though.

Also, dental schools are likely to need patients for their students to practice on enough that they make such dental care free.  Again, seldom with any help with transportation.

A site that may help those with disabilities, although often with at least a year's delay after you apply:

A few other sites that may help:

I've been disabled myself and unable to work too long to offer more direct help.

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I think the reason why so many people are  are in need of dental work is because dentist do charge a lot. They do not know where go to for help. People are not looking for a handout only to be treated fairly .Some of the greedies in this world should take a look on how they are destroying people and the enviroment we live in.

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