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Mom of 2,On disability,In some servere pain

abahannin started this conversation

Well i have had some ups and downs in my life,but i am greatful because I do have 2 great kids who I know love me dearly and if they could they would help me anyway they could.

I`m not going to go through my whole life senero just to get to the point of needing some help with my teeth. I dont need sympathy,just some help with some severly painful teeth.

I am on disibility for mutiple problems that have grwon through the years. Orginally i was on ssd for post traumatic stress disorder. I had a pretty missed up childhood.

Now I have some severe back issues,also lost the hearing in my right ear due to a tumor that had erupted. I never knew I had a tumor until just 2 years ago,and lost my hearing almost 20 years ago.

in 2007 on Thanksgiving day I was hot head on by a young guy who was heavily over the limit and found to had been also on drugs. The accident was severe and they didnt think I was gonna make it,but look at me now,here I am. I suffered a few breaks in my back ,causing me to have severe back issues. The guy who hit me had no insurance,infact he didnt even have a license to be driving. My insurance gave me very little ,but i didnt complain. I was still alive to be there for my kids.

I`ve been raising my 2 ( now teenage) kids pretty much alone and solely on social security disability for a number of years,so we are very used to being poor and ok with that. Both my kids have been trying to find a job,but one cant even get a fast food resturant job around here right now.

My teeth have just gotten worse year after year. At some points medicaid well pay for dental,and then the next time you need to go they no longer pay it. So i have had some fillings in the past,and some teeth pulled. But now my teeth are just killing me. I`d rather just have them all pulled than deal with this pain and the swelling of my face. I have a few teeth that have broken,crumbled all the way down to the gum  area. My front teeth are crumbling and broken as well. I lost one of my front teeth about 7 years ago and a very blessed nice dentist. made me a flapper tooth for free. Since then the flapper has broken,but i glued it toegther and still use it even though it kinda sticks further out then my other teeth. Many have said you should have taken better care of your teeth and yes they are very much right. As a child I wasn`t taught things like most kids . I dont think anyone ever showed me or even told me to brush my teeth until i was a bit older. I never visited a dentist as a child either so i had no idea of using floss daily.

When I turned 18 I was finally able to leave home and I did. But still didn`t have many hiegene skills or people skills for that matter. I basically am self taught in most things i do know.

I did however start brushing my teeth everyday after leaving home. I was actually self consciance about many things and constantly brushed my teeth but i think maybe it was to late even then.

After the birth of my last born child ( my daughter) my teeth really took a downward turn. I constantly had tooth aches,and it seemed that no matter how much i brushed them they still kept right on getting worse.At one point ( when my kids were still little) i had such a tooth ache that I eneded up pulling it myself. I didnt have anyone to ever really help me,and didnt have a car,nor did i have someone to keep an eye on my kids while i went to a dentist,so I had to do what I had to do.

Now my teeth are starting to kill me again. I just dont know if I can stand to pull my own teeth again. That was a very painful and scary thing I did and I just dont wanna do that again.

I would just be happy having the really bad and most painful teeth removed. I know some people are wishing for someone to help them fix all their teeth with cosmitics,but i`m not going to ask nor wish for luxuries like that. My wish is just to get the bad one removed. Maybe if I can get most all of them pulled then maybe someday I can get dentures.

Well if you are reading this,then say alittle pray and maybe the pain will go away or the teeth will just fall out.thank you

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 in response to gina191...   You're welcome.
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 in response to nini3...   What kind of jewerly are you making.  My daughter made jewerly sold a lot.   It is nice to hear from you.
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 in response to nini3...   I am happy to hear you are making jewerly it is nice.  We should revolt and do something about healthcare.  A lot of times it is the social workers.  I had to go to a supervisors for health care .  When you are not feeling good it is tiring.
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 in response to nini3...   I agree with everything you did write.  I was in the hospital I needed a operation or I could have died.  Now they want to stop all medical benefits which I deperately some of the social workers just do want they want to do. I have enough dealing with my health problem. 
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i'm sorry you can feel my pain..............i certaintly feel yours!

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 in response to milesrf...   thank you so much for the info i'm very grateful......
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 in response to elisa28...   Hi elisa28 and welcome here...Donated Dental Services are great.
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hi abahanin   i am new here, have you tried "DONATED DENTAL SERVICES" if not then google it and apply it is for disable people who can not afford dental care. Best luck!!!

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Here's a catalog of, among other things, free dental care sites; hope there's one close enough you can reach it.

Not likely to offer help with transportation or watching your kids, though.

Also, dental schools are likely to need patients for their students to practice on enough that they make such dental care free.  Again, seldom with any help with transportation.

A site that may help those with disabilities, although often with at least a year's delay after you apply:

A few other sites that may help:

I've been disabled myself and unable to work too long to offer more direct help.

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I think the reason why so many people are  are in need of dental work is because dentist do charge a lot. They do not know where go to for help. People are not looking for a handout only to be treated fairly .Some of the greedies in this world should take a look on how they are destroying people and the enviroment we live in.

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